A new award! A fantastic achievement for my design on the Martis 25 home:

Award for Vacation Home of the year - there's a seven page article on the home.

Publication: Tahoe Quarterly,  Mountain Home 2016

Award:  Ski Retreat

Project: Martis 25; home, warming hut, 3-car garage ;7,910 square feet

Architect: Lezley Jerome Barclay;  designed 2014

Builder: Wood Ridge Construction; constructed 2014-2015

Interiors: Aspen Leaf Interiors


Lezley Jerome Barclay, architect


Tahoe Quarterly article

Not So Big House

by Sara Susanka

Do expansive 5,000 square foot houses make us feel better about ourselves?

Do well designed and detailed 3,000 square foot houses (or smaller) make just us feel

better?   The principle of form following function meets the principle of designing a

home for the way we really live.

Link to the official WEB site of the Not So Big House 


Recognizing that certain arrangements simply make us feel more comfortable;

understanding that certain colors are more appropriate for certain rooms depending on

their uses; these are a few of the principles behind Feng-Shui.

A recent article published by the AIA explains more. Go to article.

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